Avoid Going for Cheap Handbags!

Avoid Going for Cheap Handbags!

I know that everybody has a budget of his own with clear directions as to how much to spend on a particular item. I will not say that you should exceed the limit of your budget while buying a handbag, however, I must say that you should review your budget before buying a handbag. By reviewing I simply mean allocating a proper budget (Like you can’t think of buying a car in one or two hundred dollars).

There are some ladies who prefer going for cheap handbags, as they do not find it nice to spend much on them. I have written this article to tell how this kind of choice may cost you even more especially when it comes to put your purchase to practical performance. Let us examine some factors that may reduce the price of any handbag and after knowing them we may decide better either to compromise with them or say “No” to sub-standard things.

The very first thing that a manufacturer turns his eyes to is not to use genuine leather in making a handbag. This can reduce the production cost up to three to four times. The best known alternative to leather is Poly Urethane (PU). But it is still a bit expensive. So, the manufacturers do not use PU in their cheap handbags. Using low standard synthetic materials in something you carry in hand or on shoulder is not hygienic (The detailed description of possible health threats will be posted in a separate post).

If a handbag is made of leather and still it is cheap, it means the manufacturer has used very low class leather and dying chemicals. It is even worse than the one made of artificial leather. The chemicals used for the proper dressing and coloring of leather are very critical. The use of sub-standard chemicals can prove much injurious to our health (Again a detailed post covering the possible effects of leather dying chemicals on health will be posted shortly).

Handbag accessories, like zippers, lock, handle or other metal elements, are another possible source to cut short the price of a handbag. But you know these are the things that are most frequently used. If any one of them malfunctions or gets out of order, it makes the whole handbag useless. Cheap accessories do not run long which eventually result in replacing the old handbag with a new one, making us spend more.

Cheap handbags do have quality fabric in them. The inner fabric is necessary to keep up the inner structure of the handbag. Within a month or two of their use the cheap handbags’ inner fabric is torn or damaged and small things like coins, hairpins or small jewelry items may get lost behind seems which causes irritation and sometimes even permanent lost (as the exterior skin can easily be torn by sharp items).

I must say that cheap handbags do not do any good to you in almost any way. You spend more in terms of overall money spent on handbags, as the cheap ones do not last long. Besides losing your money, you also lose your social image to some extent. I do not see any point in going for cheap handbags with so many disadvantages; perhaps you do any if you disagree.

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