Do Old Women Need Handbags?

I have already been saying throughout my previous posts that handbags are not just articles of Fashion (Like we have jewelry; it is worn but no problem if you have none). Handbags are a woman’s need. It is another thing that along with fulfilling the purpose, handbags also present an element of beauty and elegance.

I have hardly seen a young lady without having a handbag. However, it does not mean that they are only for young ladies. Old women need them even more. Girls and young ladies might also use handbags to impress others; old ladies use them out of dire need. They can put their medicine in it (As in old age people are more prone to get serious diseases like heart issues or diabetes which require regular and frequent use of medicine). Extra piece of clothing (tissues, handkerchief, socks) can also be added in.

Moreover elderly people face problems with remembering things. It is better for an old lady to have a handbag to keep all her daily use valuables (cash, cell phone, glasses) in it, avoiding the possibility of losing them (unless her handbag is lost somewhere). They can also keep a book of their interest to enjoy reading it sitting on a bench at their favorite location in a park.

There is no denial of the fact that old women need handbags, however, they must be smart in choosing one. The old ladies must acknowledge the reality that they lack power and stamina. Therefore while choosing a handbag they should focus more on its practicality than style and beauty.

The handbag they choose must not be large, as it is more likely to be heavier. They may get tire of carrying, eventually stop using, resulting in the waste of their money. Lighter handbags are easy to use and carry proving more practical once you start using them.

They should be simpler in design; so many zippers and pockets may create a fuss for any old lady to operate. “The simpler the better”, that is the principle almost all old fellows follow. I do not mean only simple in design; in color too. In old age people tend to fall for graceful but sober colors instead of bright ones. Light and nice colors may have a soothing effect on old ladies.

Well this is my personal opinion that I am going to give now. One can disagree. I think handbags look nicer than shoulder bags on old ladies (I apologize in advance if any old lady likes the otherwise). Old ladies with shoulder bags give a bit strange impression. Nice small handbags, or more properly stating, hand purses go awesome with old ladies and they are closer to their needs too. However, if any old lady prefers a shoulder bag, it is her right to have what she likes.

I must conclude the topic saying that old ladies do need handbags more than the young ones. They just have to know what to buy which is not going to be an irritation for them in future when they will use it. I really wish for all old ladies to receive nice handy handbags as their next birthday present by their loved ones.

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