Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips



Looking great is the desire of every person. Today people think that it is only money that can make them look nice in terms of their dressing. Expensive dresses are thought to be the only way of looking superb. But this is not true. The expensiveness of a dress is something different and its grace of appearance on you is something entirely different. There are many people who buy expensive designer dresses but still they look matronly. When your budget is low and yet you feel the need to look awesome you must follow the given four tips to get the best out of available things and budget.

  1. FIT
  2. Fabric
  3. Market Information
  4. Quality Vs. Quantity


Fit:                              Whatever dress you wear it must be super fit to you otherwise no matter how expensive your dress is it will look odd on you. An average dress of good fit is far better than a costly misfit piece of clothing. So whatever you buy cheap, you must make it fit to your size. If something is not getting fit, let the tailor do his job. If you succeed in making a cheap cloth an exact fit to your body, you are sure to get the best out of your cheap dress.


Fabric:                       Fabric is the thing that determines the price of a dress, or for most of the time it does. Cheap fabric is not expected to make a good dress. It is true but our objective is to spend less on getting the good fabric. I would recommend that do not go for cheap fabric however the third tip will let you know that how you can get good fabric at the price of a cheap one and that is exactly what we want.


Market Information:         Market information is quite necessary to make a great dress with a low budget. There are so many offers in the market where you can have 40% off on sales and the fabric is also good. The only issue can be its being out of season or being of last year’s clothes. It should not be a matter of concern to you. If you have proper market information of where to get the coupons, vouchers or sale offers you are sure to hunt out a great dress for you with a very low budget. Actually most of the time we pay a lot of money for our convenience too and if you manually start a hunt, you are surely going to save your money.


Quality vs. Quantity:         Instead of going for three cheap shirts you should go for one good shirt with 30 or 40% off sale offer. So you see the tip is that instead of buying two new cheap dresses on full price, it is better to buy one of good quality dress from a sale offer. This way you can save your money along with having the pleasure of a good quality dress.


If you observe the above explained four tips you are sure to get a very good dress for you at a very low price. You must apply all four tips because to have a good dress with little spent on it is the result of a successful combination of all the above mentioned points. Here I must make one thing clear that this ability, the ability of buying good dresses with less money, is also an individual trait. The things explained above call for a certain type of individual behavior. Some can easily apply them and some might find them full of trouble. So if you do not feel easy with them you may think that you are not built for these.

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    Great money saving ideas…

  2. such cute outfits

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