Handbags: A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

Long ago when I read the line from Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”, I could not get the true sense of it. Later as the life passed by and things presented themselves in their true form and figure, I configured that Keats really was ages ahead of his time. Our pleasure or joy has a great relation to beauty and we should never miss it.

I do not buy things by brands, price tags or their popularity; it is just their beauty that attracts me. If something is beautiful, it is worth having. For a minute or so, just imagine all those things you posses in terms of their relative beauty; you will be at the edge of a new classification, as some cheap items might be more beautiful than the costly ones.

Handbags are my priority in this article. I see women discussing brands, prices, in vogue handbags, celebrities preferring a certain handbag; but rare are the women who see handbags solely with the idea of finding beauty in it. If you buy a beautiful handbag, it is a source of beauty not for you only but also for those who see it.

I have many handbags and whenever I see them, I am filled with a sensation of beauty once again. I never see them simply as an article of my use, they are my love. They keep my aesthetics getting better and better. I feel my handbags, appreciate their beauty, talk to them and find comfort and solace among them.

Have you ever personified your handbag? If not, try it someday. Feel the way it is stitched, look deep into its porous skin, observe its color, see its accessories; everything will come up in a new shape and tone to your eyes and you will be forced to realize that you never gave you handbag the due share of your attention.

My handbag is more than a handbag for me. I derive pleasure and happiness from it. Taking things for granted make them lose their worth. But to me, my handbags are, and surely will be, A JOY FOR EVER.

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