Handbags! Adding Warmth to Your Summer!

Summer knocking at our doors calls for certain things to celebrate its arrival. “Some think going on vacation, others choose seeing friends and relative around, some go adventurous, I think of buying one or two handbags rather more to welcome and enjoy my summer”, said Kate, one of my colleagues. You might not believe it, but she has more than fifty pieces of handbags and still adding more in her collection.

She further added passing by with a smile, “You can’t imagine how much I love buying handbags”. “What do they make you feel, by the way”, I asked. “Having a crush for handbags is nothing unusual. A man is known by the company he keeps and a woman is known by the handbags she keeps”, she answered laughing vigorously. She went past me but not her words.

Later in the afternoon I went asking different ladies asking curiously how they feel about their handbags. To my astonishment all the executive class ladies thought their handbags much more than just a thing some one needs. It was symbol of their prestige for them. And when I asked about the idea of celebrating the arrival of summer by shopping a new handbag, all replied that they already have done it. It was, for them, a gone event.

I don’t know what you think about this idea but it is now quite common among the ladies to go for shopping a new, trendy, handy and graceful handbag to add warmth and color to their summer.

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