Handbags! Diamonds in the sky!

Have you ever imagined yourself carrying a handbag across the street in the evening? I must say here that the quality of what you are carrying along your shoulder counts the most to promote your image. Just visualize yourself with a glitter metal laced, shining leather handbag with the back ground of dimly red (originally azure) skyline; it is just like a diamond in the sky.

Never think that people do not watch carefully what you have. You may think so to relax yourself if you are having something substandard, but the reality will not change. Handbags represent your taste and take your image to new heights. People do not speak always what they think. You have to judge it by the expression they have on their face.

I did not write it all to sell you something on your doorstep. These are the realities and you have to face them. Classic designs of handbags are available all over the net and across the road. You may select one suiting your taste and budget. However, when you buy a handbag, keep in mind your image displaying itself on different occasion at different times. Your image in the morning, your look in the afternoon, you impression in the evening, your impact at night; all will be different with the same handbag.

The handbag I am writing about is the one that makes its best impression in the evenings or at nights. The evenings and the nights both have a different romantic aroma which often carries the people away with it; we enjoy being lost for sometime. Lights in the street, twinkling neon signs across the skyline, colors and sounds dancing like fairies in the wonderland, cast a spell irresistible to come out of. It is not an exaggeration; go out and see the night charms; you will feel what I am saying. In this fairyland atmosphere a lady with a nice handbag never goes unnoticed.

Your handbags are your expression and make them as loud and shiny as you can converting the dead skin into diamonds in the sky.

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