Handbags: Establish your own standard: Do not simply follow the trend!

Every season comes with its own hot items. These items keep changing all the year round. And the next year it is again something new which is considered to be HOT or In Vogue. Most of the women rush after buying hot items; or at least they want to do so. I have seen many women getting so much into this habit that it starts embarrassing them when they cannot keep their pace up to the challenge (Buying hot items every season is a pretty heavy task).

In this article I will present my arguments against this habit, however you have the right to disagree. Every handbag is not for every woman. Certain styles suit certain type of physiques. So, we must be clear that handbag is something that is as entirely individualistic in its properties as are human dreams. Every lady should have a style of her own otherwise she might be having something that isn’t meant for being hers. This way she may unconsciously  be projecting a blurred image of her aesthetic sense which eventually will demur her reputation instead of projecting it.

I will write another article elaborating in detail how to choose a style for you that best suits your personality and physique. This article is limited to the approach we should have regarding individual standard and the trends. Trends are made with effort and purpose. Don’t you notice that if an item is bought by a million people, does it remain to be of an individual taste? Why do you go for ‘general’ instead of ‘individual’? Try not to be part of a common lot; you will be lost in the crowd.

You must be thinking that if you try to follow this rule you will end up no where. Not at all. The only thing you need to know is that what style and shape of a handbag suit your personality the best. Once you determine this, you can think about having a collection of that style. You will have to hunt the handbags out of the market which are closest to your best suited style. You may even be nicknamed after the type of handbag you use most (Like Hobo Lady), but I don’t see anything wrong in being named after something you love.

One thing that is very important for any style or standard is its perpetuity. I mean that if you like to use hot items then you will have to be always at them, which will cost you much money and tension, as you will be shopping all the year round. Instead of this if you have a style of your own, it is easy to maintain it over a long period of time or even lifelong. In my point of view doing something for a year is far better and fruitful than something you do for a week.

If you have your individual taste you will be different from the rest of the world running after hot items. Instead of spending money on what TV ads say, you will be there in the market to spend on what you like to have. Being out of a rat race means to be peaceful. And to be at peace means to be more productive and easy. This will save you much money which you can spend on other useful things of your choice. So, establish your standard, maintain it and forget what the rest of the world is doing around you; they will start noticing you instead.

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