Handbags: Food we never tire eating!

Have you ever imagined that there are certain things we never tire of using? Let me make it easier for you; we never get sick of drinking water, since our first six months we start eating grains (wheat, rice, corn etc.) and we never think of stop using them for a month or so. Just like the food we never tire of eating, is the habit of having new and new handbags that we can never resist effectively.

I do not mean that it should be prevented. Not at all. As you know things that we do not get sick of are the parts of our lives. The only thing we need is to regulate them in a way that we should not be carried away to the extent that we lose something else important. Handbags symbolize the passion of a lady for exquisite things and it should be patronized as nicely as possible.

Currently there is a large range of handbags available in the market. You may go and check out yourself; hobo handbags, tote handbags, satchel bags, evening bags, shoulder bags, and so many more. All have their distinctive designs and impressions. They all look great provided you wear them with the dress corresponding to the design of your handbag.

When I look at the sale statistics of the stores and small shops I feel bewildered to see the enormity of the scale these handbags are sold on. Every year millions of items are sent in the market and still the feedback is “we are running short of them”. Every year ladies buy them in millions and they have been buying them for years. One can easily understand that their hunger for handbags will never come to an end.

I see it in a bit different way. Buying handbags is not the result of a hunger a lady has for handbags. Buying them actually is a kind of food that the ladies eat to survive and they never get tired of this; and they should never be.

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