Handbags: Why Males Neglect Them!

Let me tell you a grim reality; Males do not think about handbags the way a woman does. To prove what I want to say, I would like you to ask any guy how much he knows about the handbags. You will be surprised to know the answer (Sorry to say that he can tell you lot about bras, but not handbags).  You might well already be aware of it. The reason I am writing this article is not to reveal what males think of handbags, rather why they do so. (I will really welcome, by the way, if any one mails me some other reasons too except the ones written in the following paragraphs).

First of all we should be clear about the physiological differences between males and females; this can well be the greatest reason of dissimilarities in their opinions and choices. Their physiques are different; so different are their needs. Males do not need handbags, so they don’t think of them too much (Simple reasoning to conclude the first point).

It is not imperative that a male does not see what he doesn’t need. Males discuss politics, watch sports, like race cars, gadgets and countless other stuff; do they need them all? Of course no. Then it is not just their physique factor that keeps them from developing a knack for handbags. Then what else reason it could be!

We may say that they are so busy in managing their own things that they do not generally notice handbags. This reason may look impressive to people but not to me. I have observed that almost all the male members of the staff know pretty well what their female colleagues keep in their handbags. They may often ask for a snack too, if the lady takes such items to the office. So, if the males know what is generally there in the handbag of a lady why don’t they know about the handbag itself. I discard this reason too.

Oh! Actually handbags are females’ too personal items; males think they should not get too much into things so exclusively meant to be for females. Well! Does this logic convince you? To be honest, I am not. I have a reason for not being convinced. I can swear that males know too much about the under garments of females. They can tell you the nice brands, hot items, celebrities’ choice and sometimes even price; but nothing much about the handbags. Are handbags more personal to females than their under garments? No way dear.

I am running short of my space. I will probably write about it in detail in any of my coming articles. Now we move to the next step, “Then what could possibly be the reason of males’ negligence of handbags?”

Most of the males generally need bigger or larger things to see the element of beauty in. Their aesthetic sense is not as keen as that of a woman. A woman does not simply use a handbag; she admires it too; loves it too. This makes man and woman stand poles apart in their motive of attention towards things. Males prefer to use things they like and females like things they use.

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