These days it is hard to imagine a woman not carrying a handbag. It has become an integral part of a woman’s daily life. Handbags have grown into an industry now catering to the needs of its ever increasing customers. Hundreds of market researches and thousands of designers undertake their ventures every year to come up with new designs, color combination and stuff. Going to shop for a handbag is more than just having a handbag.

Handbags are designed to be worn at almost any occasion. During office hours, while travelling, at dinners and parties; in short, every where one cannot see a woman without it. However the design, colour and material of a handbag vary in accordance with the place and time it is going to be used at. Celebrities may even come up with using more than one bag a day.

It has become popular among celebrities using various styles of handbags designed exclusively for them. These designer handbags are much costly. Their material is also of superb quality satisfying the taste and feel of the person it is going to be designed for.

Women mostly like to have the handbags which are attractive and handy at the same time. It is always nice to have something with the enough space to easily carry things of frequent use. Women stuff their handbags with common beauty items, extra tissue pack, mobile, money in cash and sometimes even a couple of dress items too. Designers pay much attention to make their handbags spacious without compromising its look and feel. However, the more spacious it is the more material it consumes in its making, which effects the price factor.

Common material used in the making of handbags is Leather. This makes the handbag quite expensive. To meet the challenge of cost-effectiveness many companies and designers have started using Poly Urethane (PU). It is called “imitation leather”, “leather look” or “fake leather”. Other material like soft fabric, fur etc. is also used in making handbags.

Handbags have got now many names and types attributing its shape. Hobo, Satchel, Tote, Evening and Shoulder handbags are common handbag types. Each name corresponds to a typical shape of the handbag, no matter which material it is made up of. Even these classes are further categorized assigning particular names to each handbag designed by any company or designer.

This industry is rapidly growing across the globe giving thousands of people a livelihood and millions of customers a chance to get something they love to have. Designs of handbags will keep changing with the time, as they already have been. New and new things will make their entries on the platform of design and style, as the people and their needs grow with the passage of time.

As handbags have become so popular in the female population of the world, it is always much appreciated by females to receive handbags in gifts. So one may say that handbag is not just a piece of leather or other material, it might well very successfully be an easy way to the heart of one’s lady love.

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