Revlon Colorburst Lipstick 045 Raspberry Review

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick 045 Raspberry Review

As a Revlon Lipstick user, I was enthused to find the new range of Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks available at the store a week ago. I love using lipstick and made a decision to try out the new Colorburst 045 Raspberry to know if it suited me and how it fared with the competition. It cost me $9.00 which I thought was a bargain for this kind of brand that is produced to have the glistening effect on your lips throughout the day and night.

Revlon-Colorburst-Lipstick-045-RaspberryOn application, I noticed that the color is somewhat faint. For those who require deeper color you may want to use a more intensive application or try an alternative that contains more pigment. I suppose it all depends on your complexion and the clothes you are wearing.


An interesting quality about the Colorburst range is that it adopts the new approach to Lipstick composition, offering no flavor or scent. This neutral quality helps those who get put off or irritated by such properties while still appreciating the color. There are some limitations in color in that the numbers of shades available are restricted to eight. This seems to be rather uncharacteristic for a brand with a reputation of having an abundance of shades to choose from.


You will be comfortable with Colorburst 045 due to the moisturizing property which is part of the attributes of all Revlon lipsticks. It has an attractive color with a satin finish that adds a touch of class to your lipstick application.

Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls in using Revlon Colorburst 045 lipstick. It does not have the durable qualities that you would expect from a product of this brand. After approximately one and a half hours, I realized that there had been some considerable fade which is something that competitors seem to have paid more attention to especially on the inner side of the lips. Fortunately, the whole range of lipsticks from the Revlon brand does not suffer from the same flaw.


The bottom line is that, as long as you find it suitable for use, it is worth using because it’s still a product of good quality. This comes down to your skin tone, not to mention the creativity that Revlon has put into the limited color collection. The Colorburst range has improved tremendously on moisturizing and texture which allows you to forget that you are ‘carrying’ something on your lips  giving Revlon the edge over the competition and despite the lipstick fading rather early; it can still hold its own. Remember, Revlon offers a wide range of lipsticks and there will not be much of a problem in buying a variety of them to make up for the minor deficiencies that the Colorburst 045 may have. Therefore, I have decided to add a variety of shades to my lipstick collection because of the improvement in the moisture content and texture as well as the comfortable feeling I get on applying Colorburst 045. Try it out as well!

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