Strap is Important!

I have seen many ladies paying much attention to the overall look and feel of the handbag and ignoring the importance of strap. They might think it less useful or perhaps they do not count it to be a part of the handbag even (as you may detach it and use the handbag without its strap). But I am strongly of the view that you must think this one of the most important parts of the handbag in terms of its practical use.

Strap or handle is not just an element of shape or design, it has much more practical use than this. It gives the handbag its shape when you hang it around your shoulder. Carrying the bag in the hand is ok but it does not create much aesthetic affect. Especially if the size of a handbag is a bit bigger, it will not suit being clutched by your hands. You will be knocking it against your calf and knee all the way you walk across the street to your office, home or shopping mall.

Strap should be adjustable so that you should be able to adjust it to the height it suits best to your personality. Difference in the heights of the women makes it difficult to come up with a standard size length of strap. Each woman has to make it fit to use according to her stature. So you must be careful in picking up a handbag without an adjustable strap.

There are certain handbags in the market whose manufacturers use different material for strap, simply to make the handbags cheap. You must not choose such handbags. Strap of a handbag should exactly be made of the same material that handbag is made of, other wise it will not correspond to the general standard and quality of the bag. Strap and handbag are not two different things.

Metallic straps are also getting in. Currently they are rare but still they are. They are not bad but before buying such handbags make sure the metallic strap does not irritate you or cause you a repetitive strain injury (RSI). One should also be careful about the weight of metallic strap or chain.

Straps get their strength from their material and the buckles they are attached to on the corners of the handbag. So while looking at the quality of the straps, also look at the buckles. Week buckles may give way when applied some pressure due the the weight of the handbag. Especially the handbags you buy for casual use must have strong buckles and straps, because you will be stuffing them with all the things of the world you have.

So before buying any handbag, do not forget to see what kind of quality its strap has. Poor quality straps may create a fuss. You can think of changing them altogether when broken or worn out but do remember that patch work is not what you purchase a handbag for. Handbags are a classic way of expressing your aesthetics, so they and their accessories must meet the standards of elegance.


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