Ladies Fashion Bracelet Who says you can’t be a nature-lover and fashionista at the same time? The tree-hugger chick layered #bracelet from Transfashions is inspired by the colors of the earth and the diversity of nature. Women Bracelet This one of a kind #bracelet brings to mind breathtaking images of the ocean and sea. Tides of the ocean layered bracelet by Transfashions features strands of beads, chains and bands in shades of blue. Women Fashion Bracelet The Clarisse hot pink #bangle with embellishments will add a fabulous twist to any day or night outfit. This piece by Transfashions features a classic hot pink bangle accentuated by rows of sparkly stones. Women Bracelet The Katrina dark metallic bead #bracelet by Transfashions is luxe-goth at its finest. Featuring a single strand of beads in a blackish metallic shade, this accessory is perfect for completing your goth-inspired outfit. Women Fashion Bracelet There seems to be a resurgence of the punk movement in fashion wear. Tap into the grittiness of this subculture with the Jillian spiky chain #bracelet by Transfashions. Fashion Bracelet This gold #bracelet features a romantic interweaving design and is studded with small, sparkly stones. It is sleek and opulent at the same time. Wear it as your statement piece on your next formal dinner. Women Bracelet This blue green and gold interlocking #bracelet by Transfashions is a versatile piece. This accessory features a classic chain design in vibrant shades of gold and blue-green. Women Bracelet Look and feel every bit like royalty with this bejewelled gold cuff by Transfashions. Its unique style brings to mind the dramatic flourishes of the Rococo era. This gold #bracelet features a romantic interweaving design and is studded with small, sparkly stones. Women Fashion … This stunning #bracelet is the perfect example of restrained elegance. The gold, black and light yellow color combination makes this piece from Transfashions sophisticated and glamorous without trying too hard. Women Bracelet This statement piece is reminiscent of the lush greens and breathtaking splendor of mother earth. The goddess of earth layered #bracelet by Transfashions features strands of unique bracelets that come in shades of green and gold. Fashion Bracelet

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