Transfashions Handbags! 04-21-2012

In this blog series you find the details of products available at

Today this is Handbag Collection 29 (referred on the site as H0029) to share with you. In this blog you will find all necessary information related to this collection of handbags along with dress combination suggestions. Please note that this blog is intended for common user, so you will not find much of technical terms or terminology.

This handbag is made up of high quality PU. The inner portion contains one inner side zip pocket, one mobile pocket and one receipt pocket. The size specifications are as under:

Height 32 cm, Width 42 cm, Depth 12 cm and Strap length 110 cm (approximately).

This is available in two classic colors; Black and Grey. The type of this handbag may be categorized as “Shoulder Bag”, however, due to adjustable strip one may make it into a hand carry bag. It is offered for this summer season on a very attractive price, making up to only 42.95 euros. Both colors can easily and enjoyably be worn any light colors of summer. Light pink, white, sky blue, skin, caramel; all colors will go well with these. Bright colors like yellow, green, shocking pink will also look great.

So one may go for buying any of these handbags from and have fun for the rest of the year (as, I don’t think you may like to have your handbags for years with you unchanged). Happy Buying!

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