What is a good reason to have a Handbag?

I often think why we want to have things? Do we love to have something nobody else has, are we carried away with the sense of possession, do we simply love them, does having nothing impairs our prestige; whatever the answer is the fact remains that it is always thought good by human being to have something special. Do not think that I am getting unnecessarily philosophical; it is logical and fine to get into the details about our behavior.

We must confess that we always want to have things, the difference is only in the reason we want to have them for. Instead of counting the possible reasons for having things, I am concerned only with the best one; PASSION. If something becomes our passion, it is the best reason for us to have it; it be a girl, a house, a position, a medal or a handbag.

Handbag is different from other articles of use. It is not a jewelry item nor simply a fashion accessory. It is much more than that and you must understand the true spirit of having a handbag. “A man is known by the company he keeps, but a woman is known by the handbag she keeps”, I do agree one of my friend’s words. Handbag displays the aesthetic status of a woman, as it is an integral part of her personality.

Wherever you go, your handbag is with you. If it is too indispensable to leave, then it is not just a piece of leather. It reflects in brief what you think of beauty in general. Your work, visits to your friends and relatives, vacations, dine outs; it accompanies you every where. You and your handbag go hand in hand.

The type of handbag you choose, the color you prefer, the material you select, the way you wear it; all are very important. Make the choice of a handbag out of passion. Set a standard for you and then struggle to achieve it. Going cheap on handbags will not pay you much in promoting your personality. Go for a standard thing even if you have to weight for your next month’s salary to add up to your previous savings to purchase a classic handbag.

You carry you world in it. Your cell phone, cash, important papers, even one or two pieces of clothes are there in it. It is a small world of yours and it must be beautiful and full of grace. You might have noticed celebrities spending thousands of dollars on their handbags, engaging designers to create exquisite and customized designs; simply because they know how important their handbags are to the projection of their overall image.

Whatever reason you may think of to disagree with what I have written but you can not change the fact that handbag is an important part of your personality. If something is a reality; it can only be witnessed; none can alter it to suit one’s purpose. Handbags reflect you; you can not change the fact; simply make your reflection as powerful and assertive as you can or bend your head and keep walking in the world unnoticed.

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