What is a Hobo Handbag?

The word Hobo is used for a ‘Homeless Vagabond’ who is penniless. The term came widely used in American English in late nineties. Hobos do work but without any association to any particular place. The closest match may be Gypsies, but they do have some community system.

With reference to the meaning of the word, now when can easily get the idea that what this term might be used as in modern times. The handbags that matched to the ones carried by Hobos were named as Hobo Handbags.

“This style of purse is called a hobo bag because it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in drawings and cartoons.” that’s how http://www.wikipedia.org describes a Hobo Handbag.

In modern days Fashion Terminology the word Hobo Handbag refers to a style, characterized by a crescent shape and long handle, irrespective of material it is made up of. It may be in genuine leather, leather look or any other material.

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Hobo Handbag style has become very popular among the celebrities across the globe. It has a long strap, which is mostly adjustable. It is supposed to be worn on shoulder, rather than being carried by hand. As a woman wears a Hobo Handbag on her shoulders it tends to slouch or fold in on itself. These Handbags are made of flexible material, like soft leather, microfiber or Suede.

Unlike a number of trendy handbag styles, hobo bags are both practical and stylish. Hobo-style purses are often embellished with metallic accents. Designer label hobo bags can come in patterns, can be the item that completes an outfit, upstaging jewelry and other accessories. However, women who wear such stylish bags are not forced to sacrifice comfort. Most hobo bags provide women with enough room to carry all their essential items such as a wallet, phone and cosmetics bag. Large hobo bags can even be used for carrying items such as groceries or a change of clothes.

A slouchy hobo bag is an essential accessory for women who are channeling a bohemian look through their clothing. Because of their casual appearance, hobo bags look great when paired with relaxed summer apparel that includes informal dresses, loose linen trousers and denim or cotton capri pants. For those women seeking a more classic elegance, a hobo bag is ideal for wearing with pea coats, skinny pants and fitted tops. In addition, hobo bags go well with both heeled and flat footwear.

While hobo bags look great, different styles are appropriate for different occasions. Large hobo bags that resemble sacks should not be worn with office attire, particularly conservative suits or with very formal dresses. Instead, they are better paired with casual clothing. Hobo bags that are suitable for wearing with formal attire are those that are smaller in size. Opt for a hobo bag in a solid color, without pattern, when attending formal events and gatherings.

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