Which Handbags You Should Choose! (Part 2)

In the previous blog we concluded one thing that to feel the energy and warmth within us at the start of our day, we should try to have bright and attractive colors around us. Clothing and other wearing accessories (handbags, bans, hairbands, watches, shoes etc.) should always be thought as a whole, not just separate and different things. Now in this part we will discuss the other times of the day in relation to the choice of our colors for wearing accessories, especially the handbags.

In the afternoon or evening things change a bit around us. We have consumed much of our energy spending through the day and now there is some of it left. Subconsciously we are preparing ourselves going near to the end of the day. At such times solid but a bit sober colors serve the purpose well. The basic theme behind avoiding the vivid colors is that less amount of the daylight somewhat changes the shade of the colors we are wearing. As evening approaches the vivid colors mostly depict different tone of color which might fall in any category; this new tone may look nice or the vice versa. So it is always better to be on the safer side. 

As the evening progresses into night, the amount of light and the energy around us change drastically. It is a new episode of time and so are its affects. Artificial light mixed with different ratios of darkness astonishingly change the tone of the colors we are wearing. That’s why most of the people feel much or less difference in the colors of things they have bought at night. So at night the colors should be solid and dark looking with some metallic element added in the items we are wearing; i.e, chains and zippers of the handbags, nice looking watches, bracelets or other jewelry articles. They shine in light showing the impression of their presence and it gives a new wave of energy and flare to the one looking at it and the one who is wearing it.

To be continued . . .

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