Which Handbags You Should Choose! (Part 1)

There is no point in asking if you, being a woman, should have a Handbag or not, the thing is that which bag should be your choice? In this article we will discuss the choice of the color of Handbag in relation with the time of the day you are moving out, going to a party or attending any event. Each particular time (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night or midnight) carries a different range of colors being the most eye catching,  however,  the choice of color  may also vary from person to person according to one’s individual taste. So, you may disagree from the color combinations mentioned in this article.

Going out in the early morning to any relative or friend on Sunday is too common. If you are going out, obviously not to a  formal place, in the early morning, you should consider wearing a bright color Handbag. Bright colors give you vigor and energy, psychologically. They attract the eyes of other people more successfully as compared to the dull colors. At the start of the day, you are likely to be more fresh or in the other words, most of the people are at their best in the early morning. So when you are fresh, the energy of color adds to your freshness and an extra topping of people’s appreciating eyes makes the whole recipe a great experience. You get the best out of your handbag for what you had spent your money on it.

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However you must keep in mind that color of your handbag must be in compliance with the overall costume color scheme you are wearing. A good looking contrast or fine matching can serve the purpose.

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To be continued . . .

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